Reagent Generation:
Gene-to-Protein and Cell line Services

Aragen is a valued partner for gene to protein projects, offering specialized support from custom study design, drafting and implementation of workflows, to delivery of reagents. We have a solid track record of purifying 200+ functionally active recombinant proteins and generating 100+ cell lines as stable or transient expression systems for drug candidate screenings. The integration of molecular biology, cell culture, protein purification and product analysis allow us to deliver complete packages of purified products, with associated functional and analytical data. We also support structural and functional assays, target validation and throughput screens with extensive expertise in the production of recombinant proteins, monoclonal and recombinant antibodies, vaccine antigens and disease biomarkers as customized reagents.

The scientific team is led by highly qualified team- leads having extensive industrial as well as PhD/post-doctoral experience from premier national and international institutions. The team has experience in working with a wide variety of proteins such as antibodies, engineered antibodies, Fc-fusion and other chimeric proteins, enzymes such as CYPs and kinases, oligomeric proteins, receptors, interleukins, protein complexes, synthetic proteins and many more targets. A dedicated project management team monitors progress and communicates in real time, offering clients flexibility throughout the process.

The reagent generation facility in Aragen Hyderabad site has dedicated labs in 15,000 sqft. area with microbial facility and mammalian/insect cell culture facilities located in separate adjacent buildings in the same campus. This greatly minimizes contamination to ensure very low endotoxin levels in critical protein preparation.