Aragen is a valued partner for gene to protein studies, offering specialized support from custom study design, drafting and implementation of workflows, to delivery of reagents. We have a solid track record of purifying 200+ functionally active recombinant proteins and generating 100+ cell lines as stable or transient expression systems for drug candidate screenings. The integration of molecular biology, cell culture, purification and product analysis allows us to deliver complete packages of purified products, with associated functional and analytical data.

We also support structural and functional assays, target validation and throughput screens with extensive expertise in the production of recombinant proteins, monoclonal and recombinant antibodies, vaccine antigens and disease biomarkers as customized reagents. A dedicated project management team monitors progress and communicates in real time, offering clients flexibility throughout the process.

Molecular Biology

Our molecular biology team offers a spectrum of services including gene knockout/knockdown with advanced TALEN-Fok1/CRISPR/Cas9 technologies, reporter gene construct generation and dual promotor (bi-cistronic) harboring expression construct generations. We facilitate fully customized expression constructs to provide custom solutions that meet our customers’ research goals.

Protein Expression

Aragen protein expression and purification services range from virtual protein sequences to the delivery of mg to g level proteins for compound screening assays, as well as for mechanistic and structural studies. Our solutions can be readily customized with a vast selection of vectors, promoters, affinity tags and protein labeling technologies, and our fast tracked methods enable us to generate functionally evaluated proteins in a compressed time frame of weeks.

We offer microbial, insect and mammalian expression systems for the generation of recombinant, functionally active proteins. Starting with database-led knowledge acquisition on the target protein, we select the appropriate expression system depending on target classification, post translational modifications and applications, to develop our workflow for target protein production.

Protein Purification & Characterization

With capabilities of purifying mg to g scale of proteins to >95% purity, and a throughput of 20 proteins per week using multiple ÄKTA purification platforms in a temperature controlled environment, we serve a wide range of pharmaceutical and agrochemical clients and academia. Our flexible, fully customizable protein purification services provide the highest purity and biological activity with low endotoxin levels. Having expressed over 200 reagent proteins, we consistently deliver superior quality proteins as reagents.