Aragen has an enviable track record in offering discovery solutions for large molecules. Superior scientific expertise in all aspects of preclinical R&D, together with efficient project management, enable design and execution of projects on the critical path to key inflection points. Our customized antibody discovery workflow can be applied to the discovery of therapeutic and diagnostic antibodies for a variety of therapeutic areas, including but not limited to Oncology, Autoimmunity and Infectious Diseases. We have successfully developed antibodies for a diversity of applications and targets, from cytoplasmic, secreted and membrane-bound proteins to anti-idiotype antibodies. We also offer post-hybridoma solutions in protein production, efficacy testing and cell line development.

Integrated Discovery

Solving complex large molecule challenges with access to fully integrated discovery-to-development services, delivered with flexibility, speed and quality.

Molecular Biology

Custom molecule design solutions to accelerate R&D.

Antibody Discovery

Combining scientific expertise with expedited protocols to deliver target-specific antibody solutions.

Protein Sciences

Engineering protein solutions with robust analytical data.

Cell Line Development

Solutions for the stable expression and purification of novel molecules.


Preclinical testing in multiple therapeutics, with well-established protocols.