Unlocking the potential of our customer programs with agility and innovative solutions.

Aragen has proven capabilities and over 20 years of experience in providing chemistry solutions to large pharma and biotech companies. We harness the diverse talents of our 1,200+ chemists to rapidly deliver compounds and identify the most promising molecule that can translate into the clinic.

Our chemists operate in modern laboratories and are supported with well-defined processes to solve complex synthetic challenges. Supported by analytical scientists providing reliable analytical data, this team adopts quality documentation procedures to protect customer IP and confidentiality.

With India’s largest chemistry services talent pool, we are the industry leader in offering discovery chemistry solutions. Our expertise includes PROTAC chemistry, lipids, photo-redox, peptides, nucleosides, nucleotides, carbohydrates, organometallics and deuterated compounds. Our flexible business model (FTE or FFS), with access to diverse skillsets, enables us to customize the size and composition of our teams, at short notice, to meet customer project objectives.

Aragen computational chemists bring strong knowledge in informatics and artificial intelligence to accelerate virtual screening for identification of hits on therapeutic targets. Leveraging various customized data analytical tools and techniques, we provide better understanding of structural activity relationship (SAR), which leads to faster candidate selection.

Our digital project management platform provides customers real time access to the status of their chemistry projects. Project management tools like eProcurement, eSynthesis, eSample, eCuleNote and eCPORTAL offer key metrics on operational excellence, driving the successful outcomes of discovery programs.

1,200+ Chemists

India’s largest talent pool


proprietary project management platform to enable operational excellence

20+ Years of Scientific Leadership

in preclinical discovery

37,000+ Compounds

synthesized at different scale each year