Transitioning development projects with clarity and purpose.

Aragen chemical development capabilities support and supply key starting materials (KSMs) and advanced intermediates, from kilo lab to plant scale. We offer integrated and standalone solutions to suit the requirements of agrochemical and material science industries.

Backed by an experienced team and cumulative learnings from diverse projects, we have a track record for successful and timely delivery. With a flexible and innovation mindset, we proactively address potential challenges in the early stages of process development and enable seamless technology transfer from kilo lab to plant scale. Operational excellence in EHS, project management, quality control, quality assurance, regulatory and supply chain management, ensures on-time supply of performance chemicals, meeting quality and quantity requirements.


for process engineering, process safety, flow chemistry

Strong Multidisciplinary Team

of R&D/analytical chemists and process development engineers

Industries Served

agrochemicals and material sciences