Aragen focuses on transforming customer R&D challenges into valuable biological solutions for large molecule projects, especially for complex and novel work. For over two decades, we have successfully delivered integrated and standalone solutions in research, optimization and development of large molecules. Depth of expertise in research and development enables us to maximize yield, while reducing processing time. Importantly, Aragen applies the appropriate analytical characterization of clients’ recombinant proteins or antibodies throughout development, to improve quality, mitigate risk and accelerate timelines. Our attention to detail and our history of success makes us preferred partners, from concept to regulatory submission.


Integrated Discovery

Solving complex large molecule challenges with access to fully integrated discovery-to-development services, delivered with flexibility, speed and quality.

Molecular Biology

Custom molecule design solutions to accelerate R&D.

Antibody Discovery

Combining scientific expertise with expedited protocols to deliver target-specific antibody solutions.

Protein Sciences

Engineering protein solutions with robust analytical data.

Cell Line Development

Solutions for the stable expression and purification of novel molecules.


Preclinical testing in multiple therapeutics, with well-established protocols.


Process Research & Development

Expertise in the complexities and opportunities to accelerate the development of upstream, downstream, and analytical methods.


Creating R&D cost efficiency with protein and cell reagents.

Developability & Analytics

A broad range of analytical services and capabilities to enable successful biologics characterization and process development in a phase-appropriate manner.