Creating R&D cost efficiency with protein and cell reagents.

Aragen gene-to-protein services start with gene synthesis and optimization, and span the supply of ready-to-use proteins with appropriate characterization data. We deliver proteins to client specifications, from mg to gm scales, and research to crystallography grade. With recent investments in new chromatography (ÄKTA) and TFF systems (Repligen), we have expanded our capacity to deliver purified proteins and to optimize purification strategies for affinity, ion exchange, size exclusion and hydrophobic methods. Our scientists are skilled in protein characterization and modifications such as tag-removal by proteolytic cleavage and/or conjugation.

The wide range of proteins we produce, finds use in in vitro and in vivo studies, immunogens, structural biology, enzymatic assays, diagnostics, and screening reagents. Our expertise spans numerous expression systems including bacterial, insect and mammalian, and scales of up to 5 L in microbial fermentation and 50 L in insect or mammalian Wave bioreactors.