We care about the health, wellbeing and happiness of our people.

At Aragen, our employees are key differentiators, their welfare and wellbeing an integral part of our people strategy. We truly believe physical, mental and social wellness results in fulfilling professional lives, better interpersonal and customer relations, and an improved work-life balance. To that end, we have initiated company-wide welfare programs in the following areas:

Physical Wellness: Experts in mindfulness, yoga, ergonomics and meditation, are regularly invited to share their skills, knowledge and experience. In support of physical fitness, employees have the option to select ‘health-enhancing’ expenses (gym, yoga, etc.) as a component of their flexi-benefit plan. There is a physician stationed on campus, and health checks at the office premises (or designated medical diagnostic centers) are conducted for all employees, annually. To deal with the unprecedented outcome of the COVID-19 pandemic, we have a special group life insurance in place.

Mental Wellness: We care to help employees stay positive, de-stress and look after their mental health. Aragen provides training and organizes awareness campaigns on positive mental attitude (PMA), stress management, time management and assertiveness skills. We offer flexi working hours, should employees require the option. We have also built a strong internal support system by pairing employees as ‘wellness partners’, and activating a daily mood indicator on e360, our custom online HR app. The moment someone hits the ‘feeling low’ button, a wellness partner immediately reaches out in support.

Social Wellness: We celebrate festivals, special days, and the talents of our employees. Sport brings people together. Our annual cricket tournament is a flagship event that attracts high participation.

Women Welfare: We are committed to advancing women in the workplace by providing maternity support and close-to-campus crèche facilities run by professionals. Our program ‘Celebrating Motherhood’ provides expecting mothers work-hour flexibility, professional updates during their absence, medical insurance, and a warm welcome back to Aragen when they rejoin.

Other Support: We care for our employees beyond their service period with us. Employees are encouraged to invest in the Government’s Voluntary Provident Fund (VPF) scheme and enrol into the National Pension Scheme (NPS) to build better financial security for retirement.

Aragen gives 10 national/festival holidays and 2 optional holidays of choice. We fund higher education interests of eligible employees. Our flexi-benefit plan enables employees to structure and modify their compensation to personal requirements. We are constantly refining our plan to match the evolving needs of our employees and the organization.