Aragen provides end-to-end solutions that accelerate your molecule from concept to commercial. Whether you engage us in early or late phase; require milligram quantities for discovery to hundreds of kilograms for commercial supply, we raise the bar on successful outcomes of your small molecule programs.


Integrated Drug Discovery

A unified strategy to advance customer programs through critical decision milestones with speed, scientific rigor, flexibility and data integrity.


20+ years of experience in providing chemistry solutions to large pharma and biotech companies.


We guide processes from study design and execution to interpretation of data and recommendations on the path forward.

Safety Assessment

At Aragen, we are committed to be a ‘one stop partner’ for our clients’ IND filing needs. We recently acquired Intox Pvt. Ltd., a GLP certified facility offering regulatory safety assessment and bioanalytical services for small molecules and biologics.


Drug Substance

Seamlessly accelerating drug candidates across the development continuum.

Drug Product

Expediting time to clinic with access to specialized expertise.

Analytical Development

Reliable and reproducible analytical data to support speedy filing for regulatory approval.

Performance Chemicals

Development capabilities to support and supply KSMs and advanced intermediates, from kilo lab to plant scale.


Custom Chemical Synthesis

Well-positioned to support commercial quantity requirements of KSMs, intermediates and APIs, for innovator and generic pharma, agrochemical and other chemical industries.

Commercial Manufacturing

15+ years of manufacturing experience in commercial APIs, backed by rich experience in process development, validations and drug master filing.