Meeting challenges for the stable expression and purification of novel molecules.

Aragen has vast experience in delivering clinical stage and royalty free commercial research cell banks (RCBs). Our expertise with a broad range of molecules is validated in our cell line development (CLD) solutions that combine proven CHO-DG44 host cell lines, proprietary vectors and a clone selection process to deliver high titers at every stage, from discovery to the clinic. Our team is often called upon to develop novel molecules that are challenging due to folding problems, toxicity to hosts or purification issues. The continual optimization and improvement of processes and assays enables our scientists to customise the cell line development process to specific requirements.

Our platform is well-documented, regularly reviewed by global regulatory agencies and extremely competitive with respect to titers obtained and speed of delivery. We support μg to g scales of requirement in a variety of life science and drug discovery applications. Our capabilities include therapeutic CLD, diagnostic reagents, high throughput screening, research tools and reagents and cell based assay tools.