Aragen offers integrated and standalone discovery solutions for small molecules. Led by senior scientific leadership with global discovery experience, and backed by multidisciplinary chemists and biologists, we have a proven track record of transitioning discovery programs into the clinic. Balancing productivity with innovation, in close collaboration with customers, we rapidly and efficiently generate preclinical candidates for successful IND filing.

Integrated Drug Discovery

A unified strategy to advance customer programs through critical decision milestones with speed, scientific rigor, flexibility and data integrity.


20+ years of experience in providing chemistry solutions to large pharma and biotech companies.


We guide processes from study design and execution to interpretation of data and recommendations on the path forward.

Safety Assessment

At Aragen, we are committed to be a ‘one stop partner’ for our clients’ IND filing needs. We recently acquired Intox Pvt. Ltd., a GLP certified facility offering regulatory safety assessment and bioanalytical services for small molecules and biologics.