Expediting time to clinic with access to specialized expertise.

Aragen offers innovative end-to-end solutions to accelerate clinical candidates through the development cycle. Our scientific team has strong capabilities in solid state, formulation and analytics, guiding difficult to develop drug molecules from preclinical and clinical to market, by resolving solubility, in vivo exposure, solid form and stability issues. We develop a variety of technologies and dosage forms for different routes of administration, in state-of-the-art formulation and analytical laboratories. Working collaboratively with multidisciplinary teams, our drug product experts achieve optimal dosage forms with minimum quantity of drug substance.

An experienced technology transfer team ensures developed formulations are manufactured and delivered to support customer clinical studies and data submission for regulatory approval.

Strong Scientific Expertise

in formulation and analytical development


developed across oral, injectable and semisolid dosage forms

Analytical methods

developed and validated by a dedicated analytical team