Combining scientific expertise with expedited protocols to deliver target-specific antibody solutions.

Aragen experts develop hybridoma-based antibodies suitable for therapeutics, diagnostics and reagents. Our productive protocol helps deliver antibodies in as quickly as 22 days from immunization to positive clones. Working closely with customers, we offer multiple options in antibody development projects, from idea to the preclinical stage, with core technology platforms that execute appropriate assays, typically a combination of ELISA and cell-based methods.

Our customized antibody discovery workflow can be applied to multiple therapeutic areas, including Oncology, Autoimmunity and Infectious Diseases. We have successfully developed antibodies for targets that range from cytoplasmic, secreted and membrane-bound proteins to anti-idiotype antibodies. Our expertise can also be applied to the development of immuno-assay reagent antibodies, and post hybridoma solutions in protein production, efficacy testing and cell line development. Understanding that some clients may prefer to generate their own, we also accept antigens synthesized offsite.