Health, Safety &

Aligning EHS and sustainability initiatives with strategic business value.

Aragen is committed to the safety and health of all employees and stakeholders. Our safety strategy combines infrastructure design that emphasizes safety and risk mitigation, with process management and industrial hygiene principles. The Aragen EHS&S team comprising industry veterans, ensures safety systems are embedded into our business processes. All Aragen facilities are ISO 45001:2018 certified.

We have also embarked on a journey to raise awareness about safety being every employee’s responsibility. Programs such as ‘Safety Minute’, ‘Safety Leadership Rounds’, ‘Safety Incident Message’, ‘ToolBox Talk’, and ‘iShield’ reinforce this message across the company, at all levels. We supplement these initiatives with comprehensive training programs that reiterate ‘safety as a way of life’.

Sustainability is a vital addition to our EHS programs. By integrating EHS and sustainability management into one unified program, we strengthen the foundation for compliance, consistency and continuous improvement. In the laboratory, we apply the principles of green chemistry; outside, we have committed to a 10% annual reduction in energy and water usage. Aragen is also working on developing a sustainable green supply chain. To review the success of these programs and compare our performance against the best in the field, we benchmark our results with the EcoVadis global sustainability ratings.

Aragen EHS&S initiatives have been recognized as among the best in the industry. We recently received the International Safety Award from the British Safety Council.

Our focus on EHS&S has never been more tested than during the COVID-19 pandemic. As customers became wholly dependent on us due to their internal laboratory and manufacturing unit closures, it was imperative that we delivered to their needs, while ensuring the safety of our employees. Through several innovative measures, including a novel shift working system, formation of work clusters, RFID-tagged badges to ensure social distancing, touchless systems for employee entry, and Aragen-organized transport for travel to and from work, we continue to exceed customer expectation, with no serious health issues among any of our employees.