Who We Are

Aragen is a trusted R&D and manufacturing partner to the global life sciences industry. From concept to commercial, we transform your ideas into solutions for better health.

Whether large pharma or biotech, an agrochemical or animal health company, we provide you global resources and proven capabilities at every stage of the biopharma lifecycle, in small and large molecules. Our ability to offer end-to-end solutions or support standalone programs is underpinned by an innovation mindset, enabling technologies, and a partnership approach to every engagement.

At Aragen, we recognize your work is vital, urgent and impacts lives. Our purpose, ‘In every molecule is the possibility for better health’ motivates us to drive the success of your programs, so that we can together transform hope into health for millions of people around the world.

New Brand Identity

GVK BIO is now Aragen

Our new identity embodies our brand promise, Together Ahead. The seamless coming together of two forms and their collaborative movement, represent our partnerships that enable infinite possibilities for better health.


We call our symbol, AURA — an acronym of our distinctive qualities: Ambitious, Understated, Resilient and Agile.

Brand Colors

Our colors evoke our brand purpose: “In every molecule is the possibility for better health”. Deep blue conveys the possibilities of science, and vibrant orange symbolizes life and better health.

Purpose & Values

Our Purpose

In every molecule is the possibility for better health.

Our Values

Our values, which we call ETHICS, guide our decisions, express our beliefs and define our culture. They are a deeply embedded code of conduct that we live by everyday. From leadership to staff, the values embedded in our ETHICS, determine ‘how we do what we do’ for our customers, for each other, and for every stakeholder at Aragen.

Freedom to make a difference.

Aragen employees, at all levels, are empowered to make decisions. They are encouraged to take responsibility, raise issues, reward team members, drive changes, and own outcomes. This results in a highly committed and responsive workforce focused on exceeding customer expectation.


One Team. One Purpose.

We believe in the power of teams over individuals, especially when uniting around our goal to keep our customers ahead in the race for better health. At Aragen, we don’t stand on formality and protocol. Instead, we function as agile, cross-functional teams focused on addressing customer problems and accelerating solutions. We work collaboratively to deliver on our promise ‘Together Ahead’.

Honesty & Integrity

Say what you do. Do what you say.

At Aragen, we are mindful of our role in the global biopharma ecosystem and fully aware of our responsibility in providing reliable, consistent and quality data to accelerate the programs of our customers. What we do impacts lives through better health outcomes.


Unlocking our collective genius.

Innovation at Aragen is about developing solutions that are more effective and commercially relevant. Some of the best scientific talent makes this possible. As an extension of our customers’ in-house R&D, we continuously look for new and better ways to cultivate novel approaches to drug discovery, development and manufacturing.

Customer Focus

Exceed expectation consistently.

We keep customer needs at the center of all our decisions. By providing flexible, integrated, end-to-end services along the concept-to-commercial continuum, we give our customers effective and timely solutions. A collaborative and transparent approach to every engagement demonstrates our commitment to partnership. Our customer repeat rate of over 90% is a reflection of our relentless focus on customer centricity.

Safety & Compliance

First and Always.

‘Safety and Compliance Always’ is a way of life at Aragen. As a solutions partner to the life sciences industry, every Aragen employee recognizes its importance and impact within the organization and on external stakeholders. Regular reviews, training, seminars, and implementation of technologies, demonstrate our commitment to embedding and continuously improving company-wide safety and compliance.