Integrated Drug

Leveraging the benefits of connected solutions.

An integrated partnership approach to early phase discovery is vital to the swift and efficient progress of your molecule. Our dedicated multidisciplinary team – comprising talented medicinal, synthetic and computational chemists, biologists, pharmacologists, process development and formulation scientists – offers a unified strategy to advance customer programs through critical decision milestones. Speed, scientific rigor, flexibility and data integrity are key Aragen differentiators.

Every integrated discovery program is assigned a project lead from chemistry and biology respectively, closely monitored by their department heads. The size and composition of our scientific teams are customized based on program needs/stage and timelines. To address specific program challenges, expertise in chemistry and biology can be accessed from our larger talent pool, on need basis.

XLRATE, our proprietary project management platform, enables our customers and scientists to focus on science, while dedicated project management, logistics and supply chain teams ensure program efficiency, timely communication, and rapid turnaround time.

Expertise in Key
Therapeutic Areas

Oncology, Pain, Inflammation, Fibrosis, Cardiovascular and Metabolic Diseases


proprietary project management platform

Strong Scientific Ecosystem

located in India and USA