Committed to the highest standards of corporate governance.

Corporate governance is guided by our values (which we call ETHICS) and directly monitored by the Aragen Board of Directors. We have an accomplished Board of Directors who demand the highest level of governance. The Board has oversight of our compliance to various financial, commercial, operational and labor related laws. A strong audit committee is chartered to conduct quarterly audits of various facets of the company. An independent global audit firm works directly with the audit committee to ensure compliances are in place across various business functions. A separate global agency is retained as our statutory auditor to ensure our financial reporting is in compliance with global standards, and that we have timely and accurate disclosures in accordance with Indian Accounting Standards (Ind AS) and International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS) requirements.

Aragen has had several global private equity investors over its 20-year history and their process of due diligence of the company and its governance systems have strengthened our practices, on par with global standards.

Our employees are trained and practice the following policies and programs:

  • Business code of conduct & ethics: Designed to establish organizational commitment to ethical business practices and ensure compliance with legal requirements and defined standards
  • Non-disclosure: Ensures confidentiality of data
  • Equal opportunity employer: Offers equal employment and advancement opportunities to all employees without any discrimination on the grounds of origin, religion, color, age, race, gender or disability
  • IP protection: Industry leading protection mechanisms are implemented to protect client data and information
  • Anti-bribery: Towards preventing bribery and all other corrupt business practices
  • POSH & anti-harassment policy: Reinforces organizational commitment to a work environment free of discrimination and harassment
  • Employee background check policy: Every employee undergoes a background check prior to being hired by the company
  • Whistle blower policy: We have in place a mechanism to report unethical or improper practices in the company directly to the company ombudsman

The following committees implement and monitor corporate governance standards across the company:

  • Functional committees with appropriate representation to review the implementation of and adherence to company policies, as well as address grievances that may arise.
  • Anti-harassment Committee, Safety Committee and Works Committee

Employees are required to remain updated on company policies and sign off on the same. Aragen remains vigilant against compliance violations and has put in place both self-reporting and disclosure mechanisms, as well as processes to ensure corrective action plans are established and enacted.