IP Protection &
Data Security

Robust systems to safeguard data confidentiality and intellectual property.

At Aragen, intellectual property (IP) is surrounded by four layers of protection: philosophical, cultural, technological and physical. Together, they give our partners the highest level of confidence that their proprietary information is secure with us.


  • We collaborate, not compete: Business at Aragen is service based, with no competing interest
  • We have no internal programs: We neither undertake our own discovery programs, nor have stake in IP assets of other companies


  • Non-disclosure agreement (NDA) and code of conduct: All employees are required to sign an NDA, and abide by a code of conduct that emphasizes the importance of IP protection
  • Training: Every employee receives regular training on IP and data integrity
  • NDA renewal: The NDA is renewed annually, serving as a yearly reminder of the Aragen desired code of conduct


  • Forcepoint data leak prevention: To minimize human-centric risk with visibility and control wherever the data resides
  • Mobile data management (MDM) solution: To eliminate data leaks through smart mobile devices
  • Highly secure datacenter: Automated systems and backups to ensure data integrity
  • Electronic lab notebooks (ELNs): Aragen designed and/or customer recommended ELNs to ensure minimal information present on paper, thereby protecting IP and improving data integrity
  • eCule mobile app: Aragen is the only company in India to exchange structural information and orders through a highly secure, in-house developed mobile app, eliminating any email or paper trail
  • SAP system: All core operational functions are homogenized through a central ERP function


  • Access controlled laboratories: To enable authorized entry of people and goods specified for the collaboration
  • Mobile-free zones: Enforcement of pre-designated mobile-free zones, such as laboratories, to minimize risk to structural or other information