Aragen offers a comprehensive range of solutions to develop and supply formulations for toxicology studies. Our expertise encompasses conventional formulations (suspension, solutions) and novel formulation technologies (microemulsion, nanosuspension, solid dispersion) to enhance bioavailability and modified release technologies (liposomes, microparticles) for parenteral delivery, as well as topical formulations.

We have multidisciplinary teams with experience in formulation development and establishing IVIVC in preclinical species. Our developability assessment leads to accurate identification of clinical development strategies, saving significant time at this stage. Strong project management and collaboration between discovery teams enable rapid and seamless progress of molecules, leading to successful IND filings.

Toxicology Formulation

  • All preclinical species
  • Conventional formulations
  • Enabling formulations to enhance in vivo exposure
  • Formulation supplies for all routes of administration
  • Micronization, spray drying and nanosuspension supplies