Accelerating drug candidates seamlessly across the development continuum.

Aragen offers integrated and standalone drug development solutions to suit customer requirements in different stages of preclinical and clinical development. We provide non-GMP/GMP grade key starting materials (KSMs), advanced intermediates and active pharmaceutical ingredients (APIs) in required quantities, from kilo laboratory to plant scale.

With a flexible and innovation mindset, and hands-on experience in a variety of chemistries, we proactively address potential challenges in early or late development. This ensures successful technology transfer from preclinical supply and late stage development, to commercial manufacturing. The team leverages learnings from diverse projects to accelerate the overall development timelines of every new project. We support customer needs to efficiently manage their development projects from IND-enabling pharm-tox stage to global clinical trials.

Seamless integration across multiple functions, including EHS, project management, quality control, quality assurance, regulatory and supply chain management, drives operational excellence. We ensure that customer expectations are met on quality, quantity and on-time supply of drug substances.

3 Independent Sites

multi-accredited, with total reactor capacity of 265+ KL

Dedicated Infrastructure

for process engineering, process safety, flow chemistry and HPAPI

Multidisciplinary Team

of R&D/analytical chemists and process development engineers