With institutional knowledge of over 20 years, we have been instrumental in bringing platform technologies to deliver exploratory and complex chemistries, using parallel and conventional techniques. A dedicated kilo laboratory and analytical infrastructure with advanced equipment, facilitate the rapid supply of compounds. Our team of 1,200+ talented scientists provide novel, value engineered and environmentally friendly solutions.

Library Synthesis

Whether at the planning, design or execution stage, we leverage a skilled scientific pool and state-of-the-art infrastructure to quickly and effectively offer varied solutions in target focused as well as large scale libraries.

  • Unique and diverse building blocks to facilitate immediate library production
  • Library compounds provided with LCMS and/or 1H NMR data
  • Parallel screening platforms, including catalyst screening, photochemical/redox and robotic microwaves
  • Production platforms to accelerate time-to-delivery, including parallel workstations, tumbler stirrers, nitrogen blow down, solvent evaporators, AP-MS and preparative HPLCs

Catalyst Screening

We screen transition metal mediated transformations using preplated catalyst/customized kits in glove boxes.

  • In-house inventory of catalysts, ligands, bases and solvents to screen diverse reaction conditions
  • Commercial kit screening on demand
  • Catalyst screening capabilities under cryogenic, ambient, high temperature and pressure conditions

Asymmetric Synthesis

We have extensive expertise in asymmetric synthesis and chiral induction methods, enabling highly enantioselective or enantiospecific transformations to deliver compounds for the development of novel biomedical therapeutic agents.

  • Chiral pool synthesis
  • Chiral auxiliaries
  • Organometallics chiral catalysts
  • Biotransformation
  • Chemical resolution and/or chiral prep/SFC


Committed to sustainable chemistry, we synthesize novel compounds in an energy and time efficient manner. With batch and continuous flow reactors to provide electrochemical solutions, we also have the capability to transfer processes to meet scale-up requirements.

  • Diverse electrodes – graphite, glassy carbon, stainless steel, Pt, Mg, Zn, Ni, RVC – for various types of reactions
  • Successful track record in fluorination reactions
  • Gram scale synthesis capability

Photoredox Chemistry 

Photoredox chemistry has been invaluable in the development of known and completely novel compounds. Our team has the breadth and depth to undertake photochemical and photoredox catalyzed transformations using transition metal complexes to develop hitherto unknown scaffolds and chemical moieties.

  • Reactions: cycloaddition, oxidative cyclization, reductive dehalogenation, oxidative reactions, C-H trifluoromethylation of aromatic and heteroaromatic compounds
  • SynLED, EvoluChem™ photoredox reactors with blue lights for parallel screening
  • Scale-up capabilities using photochemical reactors and photo flow capabilities

Rapid Scale-up

Our state-of-the-art kilo laboratory provides advanced intermediate/final compounds from g to kg scales, with speed and quality. Jacketed process reactors enable process optimization and safety assessment to efficiently support all medicinal chemistry requirements.

  • Reactors: 1 L to 250 L, MOC-SS, GLR and Hastelloy, with all downstream equipment
  • Reaction conditions: cryogenic and high temperature (250°C), high pressure (100 kg/cm2)
  • Types of reactions: all standard reactions, pyrophoric, organometallic, coupling, fluorination, carbonylation and hydrogenation