Protein Expression Screening & Scale Up

Aragen protein expression and purification services start from virtual protein sequences to the delivery of mg to g level proteins to support compound screening assays, as well as for mechanistic and structural studies. We have the capability to express, purify and characterize antibodies as well as engineered antibodies like bi-specific, multi-specifics etc. to support the large molecule drug discovery. Our solutions can be customized with a vast selection of vectors, promoters, affinity tags and protein labeling technologies. Our fast-tracked methods enable us to generate functionally evaluated proteins in weeks.

We offer recombinant protein generation in microbial, insect, and mammalian expression systems. Starting with database-led knowledge acquisition on the target protein, we select the appropriate expression system depending on target classification, post- translational modifications and applications, to develop our workflow for target protein production. Our protein expression facilities are equipped with infrastructure operationally segregated based on the expression system of choice to support small- scale expression screens to large-scale cultures. Apart from two dedicated microbial culture labs, we rely on our 4000 sq ft cell culture facility, including a 1500 sq ft dedicated scale-up lab, to express recombinant proteins from mammalian and insect cells. Our microbial and cell culture labs are fitted with appropriate shaker incubators like Kuhner, Infors, Eppendorf and 5 L scale fermenters. Additionally, cell culture labs are housed with WAVE bioreactors for large- scale expression of recombinant proteins.

Microbial (E. coli)

Strains: BL21 (DE3), C41 (DE3), Tuner (DE3) etc.

  • Optimization parameters- media, IPTG conc., temperature, induction time etc.
  • Soluble, inclusion bodies and periplasmic expression
  • Screening- in 24 well format to 25 mL in EM flasks
  • Scale-up in multiple shake flasks, fermenter
Insect cells

Cell lines: Sf9, Sf21, Hi-Five etc

  • Recombinant viral generation, titer estimation by plaque assay / RT-PCR approach
  • Optimization parameters- MOI, time etc.
  • Secretory or intracellular expression
  • Scale-up in multiple shake flasks, Wave bioreactor

Cell lines: HEK293-F, Expi293, Expi-CHO, CHO-S

  • Transient transfection or from stable cell pools/lines
  • Optimization parameters – host, transfection agent, media, feed, time point etc.
  • Intracellular/secretory expressions
  • Scale up in multiple Shake flasks, Wave bioreactor scale up and fermentor