& Screening

A critical step in the hybridoma development workflow, the hybridoma screening cascade needs careful design and execution to identify the rare antibody events that are inherent to antibody discovery programs. Our scientists work collaboratively with customers in designing the most appropriate screening strategy to identify target-specific and high affinity antibodies.

Our extensive screening procedures cover:

  • Sero-conversion
  • Antigen reactivity
  • Epitope binning
  • Affinity determination using the ForteBio OctetRED system
  • Cell-based binding and activity
  • Cross reactivity

In addition to standard fusions using whole cells from spleen and lymph nodes, we also offer fusions using isolated B-cells to enrich the antibody secreting B-cell population. Hybridoma culture supernatants are primarily screened in-house, using high throughput ELISA and FACS based assays, with proper controls to verify specificity and cross reactivity. We encourage clients to perform additional screening at their facility to confirm specificity and the presence of the protein.