Aragen Cell Line Development and Process Development Solutions for Biologics CHO CLD platforms

Aragen offers choice of CLD platforms, efficient Upstream and Downstream process development.

CHO CLD platforms

  • CHO DG44, CHO GS, CHOZN, SP 2/0
  • Our in-house developed CHO DG44 platform can deliver titer >4g/L in 5 months CHO GS: Up to 6g/L- Royalty Free, milestone payment free, difficult-to-express proteins, NBEs, and Animal Health
  • Over 100 CLD programs Pre-IND/GMP
  • Over 14 in Clinical development and 3+ commercial production

Key Attributes

  • Royalty-free CHO DG44 best suited for Biosimilar development
  • Royalty free, accelerated timeline for DG44 and CHO GS (18 weeks from transfection to RCB)
  • Transfection to single cell clone evaluation in 18 weeks with Aragen’s optimized process
  • Our CLD platform uses a chemically defined serum free medium and proof of clonality to support IND filing
  • Strong Analytical capabilities – Early engagement to establish quality and select right clones to advance

Aragen’s Process Development Services

Aragen offers coefficient upstream and downstream process development

  • We use nonproprietary commercially available media and feed for screening studies this allows transfer to any CDMO
  • Media and feed screening in Shake Flasks
  • Process parameter screening and optimization in AMBR250
  • Process consistency and scalability happens in 1L, 5L & 10L Bioreactor

Downstream Process Development

Key Attributes

  • Ambr250 platform for Upstream Process development- Synergies to reduce time to IND
  • Fully automated AMBR250 24 units, integrated to NOVA Flex-2 & Vi-Cell
  • Multifactorial DOE to screen process parameters like- pH, DO, Temp, agitation etc
  • Process parameter Optimization and identifying best operative parameters
  • History of generating Biosimilar cell line- now in market