Process Research
& Development

Aragen multidisciplinary process development teams research and develop phase-appropriate processes for performance chemicals. We evaluate the key elements of route scouting, optimization, safety evaluation, HAZOP studies, backward integration and scalability, to deliver robust, safe, reliable and scalable processes. We leverage our strengths in technical, analytical and regulatory knowledge, to design and execute appropriate development strategies.

Our advanced process engineering and process safety labs are equipped to conduct simulation using miniature lab reactors and associated engineering tools. Process safety parameters are also evaluated with reaction calorimeters (RC1e), accelerating rate calorimeters (ARC), differential scanning calorimeters (DSC), thermal screening units (TSU) and rapid screening units (RSU). Our process safety engineers are well equipped to prepare a chemical hazard evaluation summary from experimental data. This ensures safety and compliance issues are well understood and addressed for scale-up operation.

A dedicated analytical team supports process research and development, working with chemistry experts to ensure all relevant impurities are identified, characterized, synthesized/isolated and certified to meet regulatory filing requirements.