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Aragen: A Collaborative Initiative To Improve Human Lives

August 16, 2021

Aragen is a trusted global R&D and manufacturing partner with a track record of 20-plus years. The company offers end-to-end solutions and support to global partners with innovative, technological approach and engagement. Aragen is touching the global human lives in every positive way. In an exclusive interview with Outlook, Aragen CEO Manni Kantipudi and COO Dr. Sudhir Kumar Singh shared their perspectives on the journey and the challenges.


What is the critical role firms like Aragen play in the Life Science industry globally?
Manni Kantipudi: Aragen is a leading CRO/CDMO offering comprehensive discovery – development/manufacturing. We work with life science companies globally – be it a pharma/biotech, nutrition, agchem or performance chemical company. With our focus on accelerating the time to advance our customers programs from concept to commercial, CROs like us play a key role in the overall R&D ecosystem of the global life science industry.

Our USPs are:
  • Access to infrastructure and scientific talent in cutting edge technology to drive innovation.
  • Strong IP and no conflict of business interest. We collaborate and not compete. We do not have any internal programs, are not affiliated with any pharma company, do not invest in pre-clinical or clinical assets, nor share in equity with our partners. Our business model is purely based on offering our solutions to advance our customers’ programs in the value chain.
  • Global operations: We have 7 facilities across the globe in US, UK and Asia to cater to our global customers, delivering the same quality of output every time, location no bar.
  • Track record: We have consistently delivered for over 20+ years. With a customer base of over 450+ across the globe, our customer repeat rate of over 90% is a testimony to our commitment and relentless focus on customer centricity.

How does the company meet the requirements of clients?
Manni Kantipudi: Aragen spends considerable time with customers to understand their requirements and priorities. Our business development and scientific teams work closely, in tandem with the customer to propose the workflow that would best meet their requirements. Once there is a clear understanding on the expectations and deliverables, we undertake the project. Our emphasis on project management and transparency in communication during the project execution ensure that our customers have visibility on the progress of their projects. We proactively address the potential challenges that are typical in any scientific project and leverage on our innovative mindset to find the solutions that will accelerate our customers programs across the R&D value chain.

Can you share the segments in India, where the company has collaborated?
Sudhir Kumar Singh: In India, we have collaborated with companies from pharmaceutical (innovator and generic) and agchem industries. Our capabilities in discovery chemistry, biology, chemical development and manufacturing, formulation development and analytical development expertise have enabled these companies to launch their products domestically and globally. We are also one of the few companies which can support both, small and large molecules discovery and development.

How has your company’s contributions helped in improving human health?
Manni Kantipudi: We begin with the Purpose: “In every molecule is the possibility for better health” Driven by this singular purpose, Aragen has played a key critical role in advancing the R&D programs of over 300+ pharma biotech companies globally, from disease areas such as cancer, metabolic disease, CNS, and inflammation, to name a few. Our end- to – end or standalone solutions across discovery-development -manufacturing continuum have advanced many of our customers programs in their pursuit to discover and develop new drugs/therapies to improve the health of humans. With over 2800+ scientists (including 400+ PhDs) and industry leading infrastructure, we leverage our scientific horsepower to make a difference in the race for better health to all our customers.

What are the challenges that your company has faced to grow this big?
Sudhir Kumar Singh: One of the key challenges we have faced as we grow rapidly is to ensure that we have access to human capital that delivers to the high standards that our customers have come to expect from us. We have been able to attract talent globally given our pedigree and credentials as ‘Great Place to Work’. We foster an environment that drives innovation and brings the best of our scientists’ talents and productivity. Our emphasis on a safety, IP and an equal opportunity employer differentiates us from the competition. We also believe that government support in terms of incentives/SOPs to companies offering R&D services will go a long way in attracting more investment and infrastructure to this industry.

How big is your industry in terms revenue and market?
Sudhir Kumar Singh: The addressable market for our industry is over $30B and growing at high single digits YoY.


Source: OutlookIndia