Specialized Services in Custom Peptide Synthesis (Solution Phase)

Significant advancements have been achieved in the field of peptide drug development in recent years, resulting in a market presence of over 80 available peptide drugs. Peptide drugs are highly specific, have superior efficacy and safety profiles. At present, peptide drugs are available for various therapeutic areas including, diabetes, cancer, osteoporosis, HIV infection, chronic pain etc.
Aragen provides custom peptide synthesis services for its customers across the globe including leading pharmaceutical, biotech, life-science, and healthcare companies. Our custom peptide synthesis service offers numerous options for synthesis platforms, purity levels, and modifications to meet a variety of research needs. With a peptide portfolio that encompasses linear, branched, cyclic peptides, peptide conjugates and modified peptides, we enable synthesis of focused peptides libraries to support discovery programs. Our expertise in solid and solution phase synthesis allows us to generate peptide mimics and complex peptides to desired scales.

Custom Peptide Synthesis

Expertise in Custom Peptide synthesis :

  • Expertise in small to medium length molecular peptides (>50 AA).
  • Extensive technology using solid phase, solution phase, hybrid technology, TAG assisted synthesis and native chemical ligation.
  • Expertise in linear, cyclic, stapled peptide etc.

Analytical Expertise :

  • Well versed with purification techniques on both chiral and achiral platforms.
  • SFC instrument coupled with MS, to purify chiral and achiral compounds from mg to kg scale.
  • Semi prep-HPLCs with diverse detectors and columns.
  • Equipped with characterization techniques like HRMS, LC-MS (QQQ) and NMR.
  • Other key instruments include DSC, TGA and ICPMS available for characterization.

Infrastructure and Delivery :

  • Working with global pharma companies for developing robust, safe, scalable, and economical process.
  • Successfully delivered various peptide molecules from gram to multi-kilogram scale.
  • Dedicated state-of-the-art for custom peptide synthesis.

Experienced Team:

  • Team of experts in peptide chemistry for screening, lab development, pilot, and plant manufacturing.
  • Proven track record in technical problem solving for leading global pharma and biotech companies.
  • Expertise in using various protection, deprotection & coupling reagents.
  • Experience in resolving epimerization issues.
  • DoE approaches for reducing process development timelines.
  • Adopting green chemistry principles while developing the process.