Molecular Biology

Our molecular biology team offers a wide spectrum of services including gene cloning, plasmid DNA preparation, mutagenesis, antibody gene cloning and engineering and gene expression analysis. We design fully customized expression constructs to provide solutions that meet our client’s research goals. Our molecular biology facility has :

  • Ligation-based
  • Ligation-independent
    • TOPO
    • Gateway
    • Gibson assembly
    • In-fusion
Antibody gene cloning and engineering
  • RACE-based cloning
  • Degenerate oligos-based cloning
  • Fc engineering
  • scFv, Fab, bi-specific, multi-specific, VHH etc.
  • Mouse, Rat, Rabbit, Human
TcR cloning and engineering
  • RACE-based cloning
  • CAR-T construct engineering
Plasmid DNA preparation
  • Research grade
  • µg scale–mini, midi
  • mg scale-maxi, mega, giga
  • Site-directed, random
  • Point mutations, insertions, deletions, fragment replacement
  • Alanine scanning
Gene expression analysis
  • Western blotting or Simple WES
  • Quantitative real time PCR
  • Flow cytometry