Expression &

Protein Expression

With expertise that spans diverse host systems, Aragen produces a wide range of proteins from mg to g quantities for antibodies, recombinant enzymes and other formats.


  • Mammalian Expression
    – Transient transfection in: HEK-293 cells, CHO-S cells
    – Stable cell lines
    – Hybridomas
  • E.coli Expression
Protein Purification

Aragen protein scientists work in close collaboration with cell biology and in vivo teams to provide a tightly integrated solution for customer development needs. Our expertise lies in the purification of secreted monoclonal antibodies, intracellular tagged proteins, novel cytokine fusion molecules as well as large, complex proteins produced by a variety of expression platforms. With ÄKTA-based purification systems, we can accommodate lots in the range of ~100 μg to 25-100 gm with feedstock volumes matching our upstream cell culture capacity of >300 L. We conduct purification of fusion and tagged proteins from recombinant sources, native or untagged proteins and purification and refolding from inclusion bodies.