Aragen customizes analytical services by focusing on product quality attributes that impact the function of the protein. We help clients identify functional attributes through industry-leading developability assessment, to identify liabilities that may impact preclinical processes and timelines. Our scientists enable the mitigation of liabilities through molecule engineering and/or formulation screening and stability studies. Together, our analytical and formulation expertise can help accelerate even the most complicated programs.


  • Binding affinity (FortéBio Octet® RED96 System, GE Biacore™ 3000)
  • Enzyme activity
  • Cell-based assays
  • In vivo testing

Protein Titer/Concentration

  • Protein A HPLC
  • A280

Protein Integrity & Structure

  • Size variants by SEC-HPLC
  • Size variants by SEC-MALS
  • Size variants by CE-SDS (reduced and non-reduced)
  • Hydrophobic variants by RP-HPLC/UPLC or HIC
  • Protein purity by SDS-PAGE
  • N-glycan analysis by HILIC-FLD
  • N-glycan analysis by CE
  • Sialic acid content by DMB RP
  • Free thiol content by SEC-FLD
  • Charge variants by cIEF
  • Western Blot
  • HCP titer by ELISA
  • Residual Protein A, Protein G, Protein L by ELISA or Octet
  • Endotoxin levels by LAL

Protein Stability (Unchained Labs: Uncle)

  • Tm and Tagg
  • △G
  • Isothermal stability
  • Thermal recovery
  • Sizing and polydispersity
  • Sizing with thermal ramp
  • B22 and kD
  • Viscosity

Protein mass (Agilent HPLC- CHIP/QTOF)

  • Accurate mass: proteins, protein-drug conjugates
  • Peptide and Glycan mapping
  • Determination of post-translation modifications either in known or unknown samples
  • Standard COAs