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GVK Biosciences Strengthens its Tie-up with CTC Life Science Corporation, Japan

November 25, 2014

CTC Life Science to Market and Distribute GVK BIO’s ‘Drug Repurposing Services’ in Japan

Hyderabad, India; Tokyo, Japan — November 25, 2014 — GVK BIO Asia’s leading Discovery Research and Development organization today announced its strategic tie with CTC Life Science Corporation (CTCLS) to Market and Distribute GVK BIO’s proprietary ‘Drug Repurposing Platform’ in Japan.

The Drug Repurposing Platform called GRIP (GVK BIO Repurposing Integrated Platform) is a combination of several GVK BIO Proprietary and several Public Domain Databases. It calls for reinvestigating the marketed drugs, clinical and/or pre-clinical candidates and can be applied to many different compounds including those that have failed to show efficacy in late stage clinical trials. GVK BIO offers a full blown drug repurposing collaborative research services starting from in-silico hypothesis generation to IND enabling studies under one roof. In addition, GRIP is capable of addressing Drug based, Target based and Disease based repurposing requests and also for generic drugs and innovative compounds (drugs with patent validity, shelved, and pre-clinical stage). Additionally, we cater the Drug repurposing requests for the “Rare and Orphan diseases” as well.

Underlying the Drug Repositioning process is a set of 8 distinct Algorithms that allow for unbiased interpretation of the input data to predict alternative indications. Supplementing GRIP is a team of PhD level scientists and Clinicians who help in the accurate interpretation of the Data. GVK BIO has already delivered Alternative Indications to four customers in the first year of this service offering.

GVK BIO and CTCLS have been working together for the past 10 years on marketing and distribution of GVK BIO’s GOSTAR, GOBIOM and Clinical Outcomes Databases along with Custom Data Curation Services. The current announcement further strengthens the relationship and success of working together.

Sreeni Devidas, Vice President Business Development at GVK BIO said: “We are glad to add Drug Repositioning Services to the GVK BIO-CTCLS portfolio. We look forward to working with Japanese researchers and helping them in this growing area of importance and need in the industry.”

Ryouji Yokoyama, President and CEO of CTCLS said: “Drug Repositioning has recently grown across the pharmaceutical industry, generating not only clinical development but also business growth. Such trend has been driven by necessity, because the new drug approval rate in Japan has been falling over recent years. Yet the biggest reason for the rising interest in drug repositioning is that it is considered as one of important ways to deliver safer drugs to patients faster and more reliably by discovering new indication from approved drugs and dropout compounds with already confirmed safety and pharmacokinetic properties. In an effort to meet increased demands and challenges, CTCLS has strengthened the sales and marketing of GVK BIO’s drug repositioning service by an alliance with GVK BIO. From now on, CTCLS will provide high quality service which can support expanding adaption disease of approved drugs owned by pharmaceutical companies.”

GVK Biosciences (GVK BIO) is Asia’s leading Discovery Research and Development organizations. GVK BIO provides a broad spectrum of integrated services, across the R&D and manufacturing value chain with a focus on speed and quality. GVK BIO capabilities include Discovery Research, Discovery Services, Clinical Development, Contract Manufacturing, Formulations and Informatics. GVK BIO’s 2400 employees serve a diverse and global customer base of more than 300 satisfied customers.

Since its establishment in 1989, CTC Life Science Corporation (“CTCLS”) has contributed in providing cutting-edge, advanced solutions to a wide variety of customers in the pharmaceutical industry. CTCLS is recognized for its strengths in technological capabilities, partnerships, and consultation. Together with the parent company, ITOCHU Techno-Solutions Corporation, one of the top tier information and communication technology (ICT) providers in Japan, CTCLS can offer the state-of-the-art technology necessary to satisfy the diverse needs of the customers. With strong ties to major companies providing innovative products and services worldwide, our consulting services are based on the years of experience from our team of professionals who understand the complex nature of pharmaceuticals and of life sciences. For more information log on to: