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FAR Biotech and Aragen Life Sciences Enter into a Collaboration to Advance Preclinical Program in NeurodegenerationAragen will provide integrated drug discovery (IDD) services to support FAR Biotech’s AI-driven, quantum biomodelling approach

May 30, 2023

Hyderabad (India): Aragen Life Sciences (Aragen), a leading Contract Research and Development Organization (CRO), and FAR Biotech (FAR), a US-based, AI-driven, computational drug discovery company, have announced a collaboration to advance preclinical programs in neurodegeneration. As part of the collaboration, Aragen will deploy its proven experimental discovery platform to help FAR advance its small molecule program towards an important milestone in neurodegeneration.

“We look forward to initiating our collaboration with FAR Biotech to advance its pipeline of therapeutic candidates,” said Dr. Ramesh Subramanian, Chief Commercial Officer, Aragen. “Aragen has developed strong capabilities in providing integrated drug discovery (IDD) solutions to its customers to accelerate their discovery programs and this collaboration marks an inflection point for our IDD vertical.”

 Commenting further, Dr Simon Haydar, SVP & Head of Integrated Drug Discovery, Aragen, added, “We are encouraged by the in-silico molecules we’ve seen coming out of FAR Biotech over the past several months and look forward to helping them advance their neurodegeneration program. We are confident that the outcome will be novel therapeutic candidates for a high-impact target that has proven hard to drug.”

 Dr. Martin Martinov, CEO, FAR Biotech, stated, “A key therapeutic area for FAR Biotech is neurodegeneration, where we believe our computational approach can deliver structurally diverse, novel molecules that move us closer to overcoming Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s and other related diseases that have thus far proven intractable. We are very pleased to be collaborating with Aragen – who we regard as a highly complementary expert partner that can help to accelerate our neurodegeneration program.”

About Aragen: Aragen Life Sciences is a leading R&D and manufacturing solutions provider to the global life sciences industries. Aragen offers a range of solutions across the drug development continuum to advance small and large molecule programs.  With more than 20 years of experience, the Company operates through a global network of six sites with a team of 4200+ employees and 450+ PhDs.  Its expertise and experience have enabled over 450 customers (including 7 of the top 10 pharma companies globally) in advancing their research programs from early discovery through development and commercialization. Aragen’s innovative mindset, infrastructure, flexible business models, a clear purpose, and proprietary project management platform have enabled it to effectively scale and service large pharma, biotech, agrochemical, and animal health industries globally. Visit for more details.

About FAR Biotech:  FAR Biotech is a preclinical, computational drug discovery company that focuses on hard-to-drug targets that are scientifically and commercially compelling due to high unmet need. FAR’s proprietary technology can identify novel, structurally diverse, optimized, lead molecules that other approaches would not look for, let alone find. The key differentiator is FAR’s complete and rigorous quantum mechanical representation of drug-target interactions, augmented by AI / machine learning & big data. FAR’s quantum biomodelling platform has been validated preclinically across a number of therapeutic areas, including neurodegeneration, oncology and infectious diseases.

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