Your Partner for Chemocatalysis Solutions

What we have and can do :


Chemocatalyzed steps in synthetic routes are known to afford high selectivities, yields and atom economy. A chemocatalytic reaction optimization requires large number of experiments to identify a suitable catalyst, catalyst loading, solvent, temperature, pressure etc. The chemocatalysis team at Aragen Life Sciences has the capabilities to optimize processes using high throughput screening combined with DoE from gram to multikilo scale with ready access to catalysts and ligands.

Highlights :

  • Proven track record in technical problem-solving for leading global pharma and biotech companies
  • Handled chemocatalysis steps (Cross coupling reactions, Stille, Suzuki and amination reactions) from gram to multikilo scale
  • Experienced in handling a wide range of metal (Pd, Pt, Ru, Rh, Co, Fe and so on) based catalyst
  • Highly experienced in reducing the catalyst loading to reduce the cost and waste
  • Dedicated team of experts includes PhDs with 5-10 yrs of experience


  • Glove box for sensitive reaction
  • Schlenk line
  • Large inventory for catalyst and ligand
  • Paradox metal block for small scale screening
  • Parallel reactors

Capabilities :

  • Greener approach with capabilities encompassing screening, lab development and manufacturing
  • Chemocatalysis screening in association with parallel experimentation and DoE capabilities
  • KitAlaysis high throughput screening kits for a variety of reactions
  • Efficient removal of metals to desired specifications
  • Accurate metal analysis with in-house ICP-MS
  • Optimization of an existing process
  • FE collaboration for catalysis screening
  • Strong collaboration with leading catalyst developers for fast availability at lab, pilot and manufacturing scale