Your Partner for Biocatalysis Solutions


Biocatalysis allows greener, economical and highly stereoselective synthesis of molecules from gram to commercial scale for industrial, pharmaceutical and biotechnological use. The Biocatalysis team at Aragen Life Sciences optimizes processes from screening to multi kilo scale with ready access to enzymes.

Highlights :

  • Proven track record in technical problem-solving for leading global pharma and biotech companies
  • Asymmetric reduction of ketones with keto reductase enzyme (KRED’s)
  • Desymmetrization of di esters by Lipase-selective hydrolysis
  • Imine Reductase (IRED’s) and Aminases to synthesize chiral amines
  • Handled products from milligram to multi kilogram scale
  • Dedicated team of experts includes PhDs with 5-10 yrs of experience

Infrastructure :

  • Radley’s carousal 6 station model
  • Enzyme kits for various transformations
  • pH autotitrator
  • Data loggers to monitor temp, pH and pressure
  • Double-jacketed reactors from 0.5 L to 20.0 L in lab
  • Lyophillizer
  • Analytical SFC (supercritical fluid chromatography) and chiral separation capabilities

Capabilities :

  • Greener approach with capabilities encompassing screening, lab
    development, pilot and manufacturing
  • Biocatalysis screening in conjunction with parallel experimentation capability
  • Optimization of an existing process
  • FTE collaboration for enzyme screening
  • Strong collaboration with leading enzyme developers and manufacturers