Targeted Protein Degradation Solutions

PROTAC has emerged as a new modality with the potential to revolutionize drug discovery strategy providing significant opportunity to transform the way medicinal chemistry and discovery programs are planned and executed. Aragen has expertise in working with degrader technologies such as PROTAC and Molecular Glue. Our continuum offering of chemistry, assay development & screening, DMPK, formulation development, in vivo efficacy, and exploratory toxicology will help accelerate TPD programs from Hit identification until IND filing. Aragen offers the expertise and experience as a drug discovery partner to enable organizations to successfully execute and drive TPD-based programs.

Typical questions we help address in TPD programs

Aragen’s TPD expertise :
  • Extensive knowledge and experience in TPD modality
  • Several ongoing collaborations with large and small biotechs focusing on the design, development, and characterization of degraders
  • Dedicated reagent generation team offering a full suite of services for production of proteins (E3 ligases, E3 ligase complexes, target proteins) and recombinant cell lines (expressing target, multiprotein complex etc.) for in vitro screening assays
  • Availability of customizable in vitro screening assays in cell-free, biophysical, and cell-based formats, with wide-range of technologies and readouts
  • Highly experienced DMPK team to assess druggability

Process of PROTAC Development

Our experience and track record in TPD

  • Experience with multiple degrader technologies: PROTAC and Molecular Glue
  • A continuum of chemistry, assay development & screening, DMPK, formulation development, in vivo efficacy, and exploratory toxicology to accelerate your TPD program
  • XLRATE Project Management to integrate Chemistry and Biology (in vitro and DMPK) all in one location
  • Operational agility to support diverse needs of virtual, small, mid-size and large biotech/pharma clients
Track record
  • We took a biotech company’s PROTAC program from engagement to development candidate nomination in 13
    months (chemistry; biology; DMPK)
  • Currently working with 22 global clients (Pharma, Biotech, Agrochemical) on various aspects of their TPD programs
    • Chemistry (~250 FTEs currently working on PROTAC/Molecular Glue chemistries)
    • Biology (primary biochemical and cell-based assays)
    • DMPK (improved oral bioavailability of PROTACs; improved solubility, permeability, and clearance attributes)
    • Formulation development for degraders
  • IP Firewall: No information shared/cross contaminated between clients