Pharmacokinetic (PK) solutions in large animals

Aragen offers comprehensive pharmacokinetic solutions to assess the druggability of small and large molecules. Backed by a multi-disciplinary team of pre-formulation, toxicology and DMPK scientists, Aragen has a track record of rapidly advancing many of its customers programs from discovery to development stage. Aragen’s partner, Palamur Biosciences based in Hyderabad, has India’s biggest animal facility (GLP certified and AAALAC accredited) for conducting pre-clinical studies in large animals such as Beagle dogs, Minipigs (also conventional pigs) and sheep.


  • Beagle Dogs I QHsdCpbxIF:DOBE: Confirmed by the Univeritat Autonoma de Barcelona(UAB) (Autonomous University of Barcelona along with Dr Jordi Grifols)
  • Minipigs: Göttingen Minipigs
  • Sheep: local breed

Our differentiators:

  • Industry leading turnaround time for PK studies
    • Study initiation within 48 hours of sample receipt.
    • 5 working days for submission of reports after study initiation.
    • Total TAT -7 days
  • Access to high end instrumentation for BA of small and large molecules
    • Ability to develop sensitive rugged methods for BA support for small and large molecules.
  • Samples (plasma /serum/blood/urine/ feces) are analyzed at Aragen, with the aid of 19 high-end dedicated LC-MS/MS instruments for BA of small and large molecules
  • Project and logistics will be managed solely by Aragen on behalf of the client
  • Report in MS Word/MS Excel format as per client requirement
  • Deliverables: In-life observation, exposure levels PK parameter analysis WinNonlin rigorous QC check of
    experimental data

Expertise and Quality

  • Multi- disciplinary team of veterinarians, pre-formulation, DMPK, toxicology and BA scientists offering PK solutions
  • Qualified bio analytical team with ability to develop sensitive BA methods in minimum time
  • Expertise to handle different matrices like blood, plasma, urine and feces
  • Interpretation of data and recommendation on the way forward to address druggability issues
    Customized protocols based on customer’s study needs