Peptide Technology Platform

Chemistry Expertise

  • Linear, branched, cyclic and stapled peptides
  • 40-50 AA, mg to gm, singleton or peptide libraries
  • Liquid, solid-liquid, hybrid, TAG-assisted, native chemical ligation
  • C- & N-terminal, cyclization, backbone modifications and conjugation reactions
  • Purification and characterization

Biology Expertise

  • Peptide mapping/ fingerprinting
  • Plasma protein binding using Rapid Equilibrium Dialysis or Ultrafiltration
  • Stability in buffer, simulated gastric fluids, liver, kidney, intestinal S9, hepatocytes or plasma
  • Half-life, metabolite identification and profiling
  • Pharmacokinetics and Quantitative bioanalysis: rat, mouse, dog, rabbit
  • Mass/QTof spectrometry analysis

Track Record of Success

  • Library development: linear/cyclic peptides, 2-10 mg, up to 50 mers, >95% purity
  • Successful synthesis of challenging peptide moities
    • Hydrophobic peptides with disruptors (dmb, hmb protected amino acids / pseudoprolines, chaotropic agents)
    • Cyclic peptides (S-S bridging, cyclization, stapling, RCM)
    • Process optimization to multi-gm scale
    • Long chain peptides and foldings (>100 mers, NCL/KAHA)

World Class Infrastructure

  • Silicycle mini block work station
  • Automated synthesizer with online UV
  • Up to 5 L reactors for scale up
  • Lyophilization at scale

Analytical Capabilities

  • Peptide characterization by UV, LCMS, HRMS and NMR
  • Purification by RP Preparative HPLC (2000 to 40000 Da)
  • Quality control of all custom peptides and peptide libraries