Flow Chemistry Solutions

Flow Chemistry :

Recently there is a paradigm shift from batch manufacturing to continuous manufacturing. Hazardous reactions like Nitration, Azide Chemistry, Halogenations can be handled safely and efficiently. Cryogenic reactions: N-Butyl Lithium reaction/DIBAL reduction/Grignard reaction can be performed at sub-zero temperatures.

Other uses are Kinetically Fast, toxic and runaway reactions where better process control is required, High temperature Epimerization, and Alkylations and Flow photo reactions.

Highlights :

  • Safe operation with very low handling volume
  • Process efficiency with improved yield and high selectivity with reduced solvent quantity
  • Reliable and consistent results with high throughput
  • Efficiency in product delivery to achieve speed
  • Greener and more economical processes

Infrastructure :

  • Corning AFR (Glass LFR for process development)
  • Tubular reactor in PFA and SS316 MOC
  • Tubular reactor with static mixer (PFA & SS316 MOC)
  • Tubular flow crystallizer with mixing by design
  • Fixed Bed Reactor (up to 250 mL fixed bed column)

Capabilities :

  • Greener approach with capabilities encompassing screening, lab development and piloting
  • Capability to process multi kilograms scale (up to 5-10 Kg)
  • Dedicated team of experts for flow process development
  • Optimization of an existing process
  • Strong collaboration with leading flow reactor vendors
  • Proven track record in technical problem-solving for leading global pharma and biotech companies