Discovery Chemistry Solutions

To consistently deliver value-added chemistry solutions, with speed and quality, while ensuring safety and compliance. Aragen offers fully integrated and standalone chemistry solutions from hit identification, hit to lead, lead optimization, through development for pharmaceutical, biotechnology industries and academic institutions.

Chemistry & Technology Expertise

  • Carbohydrates Synthesis
  • Flow/Photo-flow/photo-redox chemistry
  • Peptide Chemistry
  • Protac Chemistry
  • Library Synthesis
  • Lipid Chemistry
  • Specialised Chemistry
    • Fluorine Chemistry
    • Organo Boron Chemistry
    • Nucleosides / Nucleotides Chemistry
    • Natural Products
    • Chiral Synthesis

Value Proposition

  • Largest stand-alone chemistry scientific pool in India, over 1800+ chemists, with 300+ PhD professionals
  • Two decades of stellar track record in discovery and development
  • Deliver 10+ INDs for partners every year
  • Over 50,000+ compounds synthesized annually
  • Strong computational and informatics group with database of 8M compounds and biological profiles
  • A global leader in integrated partnerships, with a comprehensive discovery platform
  • Dedicated scale-up lab for Medicinal Chemistry
  • 5 independent R&D centers with 24/7 analytical
    support and ancillary functions

Operational Capabilities

  • PMC and flash purification platforms in discovery labs
  • Catalyst Center of Excellence
  • Dedicated scale-up lab to support discovery programs (500 gm to Kg scale)
  • Reactors from 1 L to 250 L capacity (Glass line, SS-316, Hastelloy reactors)
  • Temperature range of -78°C to +200°C
  • High pressure reactions upto 100 bar

Analytical Capabilities

  • Team of 350+ analytical scientists
  • State-of-the-art analytical instrumentation including UPLCs, HPLCs, LCMSs, GC, MS, NMR, coupled with the largest SFC lab in India speeds up the analysis and purification process
  • More than 15 column chemistries for chiral purifications
  • Parallel chiral screening using 5 detectors in one analytical instrument

World Class Infrastructure

  • Parallel chemistry and purification work stations
  • Automated IR enabled Solid Phase Peptide Synthesizer
  • Lab scale flow chemistry instruments
  • Largest number of SFC instruments

Project Management

A dedicated project management team (XLRATETM) facilitates continuous improvement through process flow analyses and performance management reviews